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This small and mid -market ERP program is particularly useful when your organization is in international growth. In our scenario this really is compact but well known beverage creating corporation with headquarters in Eastern Europe also as in United States and regional representations in Brazil and Latin America. It is great chance to give you brief intro in international accounting software market and its challenges before we give you details. Here in the USA tax is pretty straightforward especially for somebody who’s selling in B2B environment. There’s no VAT (Value Added Tax popular in Europe) and this fact frequently means that if you’re producing something for the dealership channel subsequently there is no tax for you. Under such conditions you execute in your central office including Business One and can pick at any ERP package. In the foreign nations yet you may expect regulation and tight management in the side of federal and state government. This implies that you cannot merely roll the same accounting system out there if it’s not localized for the nation or region.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP formerly known as Great Plains isn’t localized in regions that are such as Brazil, China or Continental Europe. SAP B1 is not unavailable in local variants in these nations. Lets 1.Bill of Materials reasoning and basic ERP. It’s not complex and in our opinion every bundle with primitive manufacturing would be a good fit. The rest was quite generic: selling buying, powder transfer between group management and stock warehouses. Initially company had Great Plains implemented but they comprehended that GP doesnt do the job over there when they got creation plan in Amazonia,. It would be to challenging to customize program inhouse to automate complicated tax rates and formulas as well as translate interface to Portuguese 2.Pilot project in South America.

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This was back in 2005 notably when customer is well known multinational and SAP office in Sao Paulo was interested in pilot. When you are pilot you should be ready to some bumpy turns. There were some particularly related to local taxes in Amazonia and Manaus 3.Integration to Headquarters for Consolidated Financial and Managerial Coverage. Firm image is made in GP to get GL entries imported and the coverage was done in FRx (intercompany coverage trees). Export from B1 was done directly via SQL queries and saving results in text CSV file. These files were shipped to the central server and records were wide-ranging into Great Plains via Integration Manager as GL entries. The remedy was successful nevertheless in few years the decision was made to switch to BO in the headquarters as well 4.Subsidiary Company in Russian Federation. In Moscow in Sao Paulo well as as you should anticipate quite detailed and complex regulations and accounting packages that are local are preferred by local businesses with strong conformity. In Brazil it is Microsiga and in RF it is 1C Accounting (1S Bukhgalteria).

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You may question why dont we only execute 1C and ignore the difficulty? It’d be a mess on the amount of the whole corporation although this strategy should function in local subsidiary. How do you do such necessary files as Consolidated P&L and Balance Sheet? How about internal audit? And even if B1 doesnt print Balance report for tax agency it is better alternative. Where international accounting product exports to 1C and final quarterly and annual coverage is printed from there you could discover the scenario 5.Please telephone us 1-866-304-3265, 1 269 605 4904,. We’ve got local presence in Southern California, Chicagoland, Atlanta Georgia, South video editing software West Michigan, Houston and Dallas regions of Texas. We serve customers USA and Canada nationally and worldwide via web sessions and telephone conferences (Skype is welcomed). We are working on Brazilian ERP consulting marketplace in Sao Paulo since 2004

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